The Delaware Soybean Board is supporting research at the University of Delaware to evaluate the effects of various soil moisture levels on growth and yield of soybeans (both full season and double crop). In addition, new research is examining the effects of Nitrogen and Sulfur applied through a center pivot irrigation system in a process known as “fertigation.”

In research conducted at the University of Delaware Warrington Irrigation Research Farm from 2012 to 2016, trends in soybean response to irrigation strategies are developing.

Read the full reports here:

Evaluating the Response of Full Season and Double Cropped Soybeans to Various Soil Moisture Levels Final Report to DSB – Irrigation 2016 – Final

Effect of Fertigation on Irrigated Full Season and Double Cropped Soybeans Final Report to DSB – Fertigation – 2016 – Final

The United Soybean Board has developed additional information about technologies that can improve the efficiency and sustainability of irrigation.