2016 Yield Contest Winners

John Comegys: John Comegys, left, is congratulated by Rick Davis, Delaware Soybean Yield Contest coordinator and Jay Baxter, chairman of the Delaware Soybean Board and farmer from Georgetown, Del. Comegys’ winning yield was 80.74 bushels.


The Delaware Soybean Board is working to increase soybean yields by recognizing top growers in the state. Jay Baxter, left, chairman of the Delaware Soybean Board, congratulated Dale Scuse, Kent County winner for full season and double crop beans; Robert Garey Sussex County full season winner; Rick Davis, contest coordinator, Ed Kee, secretary of the Delaware Department of Agriculture; Robbie Emerson, New Castle County full season winner; David Smoker, Sussex County double crop winner; and Kevin Evans, statewide double crop winner from Sussex County.

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