Kent County Farmer Fred Stites takes top honors in Delaware Soybean Yield Contest

(Harrington, DE – 1/17/19)

Fred Stites of Kent County had the state’s top 2018 soybean yield with 78.81 bushels per acre of full season soybeans. The field was no-till and Stites used Pioneer P35T58 seed.

Mark Collins of Sussex County won the statewide double crop competition with 67.98 bushels per acre. Collins planted Dekalb 4135 following corn, which had been cover cropped with rye.

The contest was created by the Delaware Soybean Board to gather data on practices incorporated in producing high soybean yields while recognizing the individuals who have achieved such yields. The goal is for the information gathered in the contest to help increase yields for all farmers across the state. Full contest information and results summary can be found on the DSB website at

“2018 was a challenging year with the weather and the decreased yields reflected it,” stated Cory Atkins, chairman of the Delaware Soybean Board. “We encourage growers to participate in the contest to make more production data available for farmers to use in planning next season.”

County winners for full season soybeans included Daniel Palmer of Kent County with 78.48 bushels per acre and Jesse Ellis of Sussex County with 68.70 bushels per acre. Winners at the county level for double crop beans included Joe Calhoun of Sussex County with 63.16 bushels per acre and Grier Stayton of Kent County with 61.73 bushels per acre. There were no entries completed in New Castle County this year.

Atkins announced the awards during Agronomy Day at Delaware Ag Week in Harrington. The state top yield winners in full season and double crop categories received $1,000 and each of the county winners received $250.




Participant / County                   Category                                 Yield / Variety    

Fred Stites                   Statewide Winner ($1,000)      78.81 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                              Top Yield in State ($500)           Pioneer P35T58

Daniel Palmer            County Winner ($250)              78.48 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                                                                                    Dobler 42X8

Jesse Ellis                    County Winner ($250)               68.71 bu/acre irrigated
Sussex                                                                                 Pioneer P42A52X



Participant / County                   Category                                 Yield / Variety     

Mark Collins             Statewide Winner ($1,000)         67.98 bu/acre irrigated 
Sussex                                                                                 Dekalb 4135

Joe Calhoun              County Winner ($250)                 63.16 bu/acre irrigated
Sussex                                                                                 P42A52X

Grier Stayton            County Winner ($250)                61.73 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                                                                                    Dynagrow


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