(Harrington, DE, January 16, 2020) Phillip Sylvester of Kent County had the state’s top 2019 soybean yield with 94.24 bushels per acre of full season soybeans, breaking all previous contest records by nearly 10 bushels per acre. This 12% increase in yield was in a no-till field using Hubner H4228242x seed.

David Smoker of Sussex County won the statewide double crop competition with 79.38 bushels per acre, five bushels over previous record. Smoker planted Asgrow 46X6 following barley, which had also been cover cropped with barley.

County winners for full season soybeans included Dale Blessing of Kent County with 87.87 bushels per acre and Cory Atkins of Sussex County with 57.81 bushels per acre. Winners at the county level for double crop beans included Brian Warrington of Kent County with 69.81 bushels per acre, Mike Clay of New Castle with 68.51 bushels per acre and Tim Rogers of Sussex County with 72.30 bushels per acre.

“It is exciting to see such strong yield increases by our farmers,” commented Cory Atkins, DSB Chair. “Sharing information on record-setting yields can potentially help increase yields for all farmers across the state, which is why the contest was created.”

The goal of the Delaware Soybean Yield Contest is to gather data on practices incorporated in producing high soybean yields while recognizing the individuals who have achieved such yields. The state top yield winners in full season and double crop categories received $1,000 and each of the county winners received $250. 

“In 2020, we are adding a state winner for dry land production,” announced Atkins. “There are a lot of farmers who do not irrigate, so we want to gather and share production information for this category as well.” 

Full contest information and results summary can be found on the DSB website at https://desoybeans.org/yield-contest/

Delaware farmers plant about 180,000 acres of soybeans each year, and the crop generates approximately $60 million in value to the state. Delaware’s agricultural industry contributes about $8 billion per year to the Delaware economy.



Participant / County                   Category                                 Yield / Variety    

Phillip Sylvester                Statewide Winner ($1,000)         94.24 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                                  Hubner H42282R2X

Dale Blessing                   County Winner ($250)                87.87 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                                  FS46X6                                                

Cory Atkins                      County Winner ($250)                57.81 bu/acre non-irrigated
Sussex                              Channel 4519                                                



Participant / County                   Category                                 Yield / Variety     

David Smoker                  Statewide Winner ($1,000)         79.38 bu/acre irrigated 
Sussex                              Asgrow 46X6                                                   

Tim Rogers                      County Winner ($250)                72.30 bu/acre irrigated
Sussex                              Pioneer 48 Plenish                              

Brian Warrington            County Winner ($250)                 69.81 bu/acre irrigated
Kent                                 Asgrow 43X8                                                   

Mike Clay                        County Winner ($250)                 68.51 bu/acre irrigated
New Castle                      Pioneer