Soy Checkoff Invests in 2019 Research

The Delaware Soybean Board approved funding of six research projects totaling $64,940, with emphasis on management techniques for disease and pest control.

Funding was provided through the Soybean Checkoff Program, which was authorized by Congress in 1990. The checkoff assesses one-half of one percent of the net market value of soybeans at their first point of sale for research, marketing and education projects.

Projects funded for 2019 include:

Two Approaches for Palmer Amaranth Control, Mark VanGessel and Kurt Vollmer, University of Delaware.

Crop Scouting using Aerial Imagery in Delaware Soybean Fields, Jarrod Miller, University of Delaware. 

Reducing Deer Damage to Corn using Forage Soybean as Biological Fencing, Jason Wight, University of Maryland.

Survey and Baseline Fungicide Sensitivities of Fungal pathogens in Mid-Atlantic Soybean Production, Alyssa Koehler, University of Delaware.

Irrigated Full Season Soybean Response to Nitrogen, Sulfur and Complete Fertility Programs, Cory Whaley, James Adkins, Philip Sylvester & Jarrod Miller, University of Delaware.

The Impact of Cover Crop Species on Natural Enemies of Slugs in Soybean, Ivan Hiltpold, University of Delaware